Steve Peake

Experienced Media and Marketing Professional

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I'm Steve Peake

Experienced Media & Marketing Pro. I have 18 years of progressive experience in design and marketing in web, print, video, audio and inbound marketing.

I'm up-to-date on the latest technologies, analytics, methadologies and best practices. I can design a landing page in the morning, finalize and send a 4-color brochure to a print vendor after lunch, and publish a blog post with an original infographic before I leave for the night. In between, I create and edit promotional video and audio for trade shows and website premium content. I create content for social media. I coordinate all ad buys for print, web and social media. I wear many hats but they all fit me well.

  • Experience

    18 years
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    Greater Tampa Bay, FL
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    Available upon request
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  • Mass Communication
  • UNC-Asheville

Broad-based liberal arts curriculum with emphasis on the Humanities.


  • Content Marketing
  • Hubspot Academy

Certification: Advanced training in executing an effective inbound marketing strategy.


  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Hubspot Academy

Certification: Advanced training on managing a sustainable email marketing strategy.


  • Growth Design
  • Hubspot Academy

Growth-Driven Design training and certification for web and marketing agencies.


  • Inbound
  • Hubspot Academy

Certification: Comprehensive marketing training covering the full Inbound Methodology.


  • Inbound Sales
  • Hubspot Academy

Certification: Sales training for identifying and closing active and passive prospects.

Main Skills

Graphic Design


Writing and Editing


Inbound Marketing


Video and Audio


Language Skills

American English


My Jobs

2014 - Present

Lead Marketing Designer

American Torch Tip Co.

Manages in-bound and legacy marketing projects for internal agency at manufacturing company in Bradenton, FL. Designs and produces art for print ads, trade shows, packaging and digital channels. Researches and identifies Buyer Personas and plots Buyers’ Journies. Establishes automated workflows and creates appropriate content for email campaigns. Identifies Marketing-Qualified Leads and Sales-Qualified Leads. Manages social media channels and print and digital ad buys. Employs Hubspot tool suite for inbound marketing.

2011 - 2014

Graphic Artist


Provided design, layout and preflight for a variety of print materials, including brochures, display advertising, packaging, collateral, large-format signs and optical disk art. Built customized desktop and mobile websites via CMS3, HTML5 and CSS. Created and maintained E-Mail marketing campaigns along with landing pages. Pre-flighted 3rd party files for adherence to in-house print specifications.

2007 - 2011

Premedia Specialist

Evatone, Inc.

Provided design, layout and prefight support for a variety of print materials, including brochures, display advertising, packaging, collateral and optical disk art. Preflighted 3rd party files for adherence to in-house print specifications. Corrected 3rd-party files for proper color gamut and accurate separation. Ensured proper application of logos and other copyrighted and/or licensed content.

My Specialities

Graphic Design

Clean and modern, with an emphasis on branding.

Inbound Marketing

Employing tested methodologies and best practices

Copywriting and Editing

Clear, concise copywriting with a keen editor's eye

Outside Work

Performing Musician

Recording Artist

Wise Guy

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  Home Base: Greater Tampa Bay, FL

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